Braveman Mawanza’s “Zimbabwe Giant” album is on the way

Heartthrob Braveman Mawanza who is affectionately known in the Zim music industry by his stage name Baba Harare will be launching his seventh studio album titled Zimbabwe Giant tomorrow Friday, the 4th of November.

Earlier this year in September the Jiti musician Braveman hexpagorated with jinja that Zimbabwe Giant is a long-playing body of work wherein its theme is mostly about rudo (“love”). Some of Braveman’s successful albums he has released include notable titles such as Chikwama Changu, Minamato Yemarasta, Ramba Wakadzvanya, Izvi Zvinoitirwei Izvi, Generator, and Vaccine.

And I Munyaradzi Mafaro am pretty much confident Braveman’s upcoming full-length project is going to prove to all the doubting Thomases in the teapot-shaped country of Zimbabwe that Baba Harare is without a doubt a force to reckon with. Once again, I am basically, and ecstatically looking forward to it. You ought to feel the same too.

Baba Harare’s “Zimbabwe Giant” album tracklist

Track numberSong title
1Wandibaya Moyo (produced by Maselo)
2Ndauya feat. Energy Sylvester Chizanga and Dan Lu P (produced by Nyasha Timbe)
3Madhunamutuna (produced by Nyasha Timbe)
4Munotichengeta feat. Munyaradzi Munodawafa (produced by Nyasha Timbe)
5Haubvire feat. Mukudzeyi Mukombe (produced by Rodney Beatz and Nyasha Timbe)
6Akanaka (produced by Nyasha Timbe and Maselo)
7Poto Inopisa feat. Felistas Murata (produced by Simbarashe Moyo)
8Terera Mitemo feat. Blot (produced by Simbarashe Moyo)
9Wazonditenderedza Pfungwa feat. Enock Munhenga (produced by Nyasha Timbe)