Discovery Pro Synthesizer v8.2: What’s New?

DiscoDSP has released an update for the pro audio software instrument plugin Discovery Pro Synthesizer, bringing it to version 8.2.

Changes and improvements made

The PADSynth rendering process has been enhanced. Users can now say goodbye to clicks during rendering, as the latest update includes a smooth 4-sample fade-in and fade-out for PADSynth, ensuring loops are silkier than ever.

The PADSynth rendering time has also been extended, pushing it from 6 seconds up to 24 seconds. This gives sound designers much more room to craft longer and more complex sounds with ease. 

Another significant update is the SFZ format compatibility. PADSynth files now support “loop enabled” and “loop point” tags, enhancing compatibility with a broader range of samplers, including the popular Bliss sampler. This update is a game-changer for musicians across professional different digital audio workstations (DAWs).

The installer has also been optimized, as it now clears specific PADSynth cache folders, allowing for a fresh start and optimal performance. For Avid Pro Tools users, the MIDI Out functionality has been disabled to improve stability when integrating with the new MIDI FX plugin type.

The default number of voices has been increased to 64, enabling users to create even richer and more complex soundscapes. The popup menu has also received a sleek, modern makeover, featuring a black translucent background and rounded corners to enhance usability. Navigating Discovery Pro has been made easier with a cursor that dynamically changes to a pointer in less interactive areas.

The online activation process has been fortified to address some rare issues on Windows systems. In addition to these major updates, the developers have made various internal fixes and enhancements to ensure Discovery Pro continues to be the premier choice for audio professionals.