DJ Tamuka Makuluni urges Zim rap artists to revamp their clobha

DJ Tamuka Makuluni a versatile and one of the most beloved Zim record producers took to Instagram urging local Zim rap artists to revamp their clobha (“fashan“). The following is a quote from what he wrote on Meta’s IG:

Guys let’s talk about this. Hip hop artists I know y’all are starting to get bread from this music, but please invest back into your art, buy performance equipment. Ma dj enyu Anenge achikumbira laptop at big shows. And most of all tengaiwo hembe kana kusonesa hembe dzepa stage a, hip hop artists murikuchipisa stage. Big up to the few artists vanokoshesa panobva mari yavo pa stage

djtamuka_dimagixion via Instagram
DJ Tamuka Makuluni urges Zim rap artists to revamp their clobha - IMG1

Tamuka also tagged several notable Zim hip-hop among other Zimdancehall recording artists on his post. This was perhaps meant to amplify his warm words of encouragement which is fine. I mean check it out fam: everyone is entitled to their opinion, hanty? But it seems there were quite a number of people in the sosho media streets who were in their feels: somewhat salty about their fav being left out. Y’all know how it is with Zimbos overanalyzing things and taking stuff out of context. It’s an ongoing habitual thing that pushes people to pick sides often when it’s not called for.

Okay, on a more serious note, I do agree with his sentiments about clobha. One‘s apparel and accessories can reinforce the image an artist is trying to propagate. It helps to cement in the minds of your target audience about your social status particularly if you are into swag rap. You’ve got to at least practice what you preach. Hence, any person who intends to be successful in the long run should utilize all their willpower to protect their image at all costs.

Some clothing brands may wanna work with you if you know a thing or two about style. Or you may find your way into the corporate world if you have the potential to be a bankable person. Especially when they are trying to capture the market comprising an audience composition of 18-24 and 24-34. This is the age range when many rap music fans are actively following the culture. And when most recording artists reach their heights as well.

Nonetheless, the good news is both Zim hip-hop and Zimdancehall genres are proving not to be a young musician’s sport. The game should always be open to senior citizens as much as museve. It’s only arrested development if you remain stagnant.