Is there anything wrong with making the same beat?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making the same beat. The only bad thing about producing a similar sounding instrumental is when it is out of style. This means there is no money to be made anymore. The trend has faded and it no longer appeals to the masses.

But if there is reasonable demand from recording artists you therefore ought to create a template in FL Studio or whatever DAW you use. The purpose of using a music production template is for you to quickly churn out audio material people frequently ask for. Of course, there is a difference between clout-chasing and copyright infringement (or music plagiarism).

Nonetheless, don’t be ashamed to ride the wave. No one can copyright a beat-making process. So if you see someone who has an efficient way of producing cool instrumentals. The right thing is to join them if you can’t beat them. The end game though is to provide a better service. For example, if someone has a good style with the potential to blow up but they have slow turnaround times. It’s only fair game to capitalize on their weakness. Even if they are your friend there’s no need for hesitation.

The same beat can pay bills

By the way, I am not saying anyone should be a psychopathic beatmaker but the game has been clearly corporate for decades now. There are also too many producers nowadays. You still have got to stand out from the noise somehow. And in capitalism, (which requires infinite growth by the way) it’s only logical that some players in the game should fail and/or lose commercially. Imagine if everyone is a superstar. I mean long story short: learn to say no to a communist mindset. It leads to a single homogeneous industry not in terms of style but rather in regard to bankability.

Lastly, business is business, not friendship. It’s always a bad idea to be bosom cronies with people in the same industry as you. Constructive criticism becomes hard to put across when money is involved. However, you still have to fake it: treat them as a family as long as you need them but in words only. It’s efficient and cost-effective. Tomorrow you might have to strategically cancel them expeditiously. There are no permanent clients either.