Pop star Katy Perry receives backlash over Dark Horse lyrics

The premiere of The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix’s subscription streaming service hasn’t been the best news for well-known singer-songwriter Katy Perry. The production, created by Ryan Murphy, chronicles the dark life of a notorious serial killer known as the Milwaukee Butcher; happens to be a story to which, precisely, the singer alluded nine years ago in her song Dark Horse (produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Cirkut).

Now, the sudden return to the spotlight of the psychopath has provoked a barrage of criticism against her because of the line wherein hip-hop recording artist Juicy J raps:

She’s a beast, I call her Karma (Come back)
She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer (Woo)

verse 3, line 2

Note: Dark Horse, a hit song by Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in collaboration with rapper Juicy J (born Jordan Michael Houston III), is not the only song to reference Dahmer’s crimes. Other artists such as Kesha, Marilyn Mason, and Eminem have also included references to the serial killer in their lyrics, but their songs have not yet faced the same backlash that Perry has received in recent days.