A short and sweet expagoration of clout chasing

In contemporary times, where “likes”,“views” and“followers” are the currency of the modern world. Clout chasers will do anything to forge a name for themselves. They masquerade throughout the interwebs, searching ceaselessly for an ever-elusive recognition that may never come. But sometimes it pays off in more followers for clout chasing yeyebrities who are ready to risk it all. So how do you spot a clout chaser among your social circle? Well, let me expagorate in the next sub-heading.

Signs of a clout chaser

If you‘ve had friends and acquaintances in your social circle who suddenly ceased communicating with you chances are you’ve met one at some point. And isn’t it rather curious to observe how some people are seemingly so desperate? Too desperate to fit in that they fabricate a false sense of identity. It doesn’t take them too long to clone your fashion style, favorite colors, and everything.

You’ve also probably visited their houses but what you see on social media is a glamorous world of its own. Every post is part of the grand scheme. A master plan to exploit one’s audience or extend their thoughts and prayers to events they‘ve little interest in. Like, since when did they ever show support to a person who is reportedly now deceased? The answer to that is this: inserting themselves into every trend may sometimes increase visibility. A part of clout chasing calls for churning out as much social media content as possible i.e., scaled content. Although some hashtags aren’t worth the effort.

Is clout chasing bad?

It‘s a reputational risky strategy if a personal brand wasn‘t initially built on drama, riding the wave, or thirst-trapping with motivational or Biblical quotes. The reason is understandable – people (i.e., moral absolutists) find clout-farming distasteful for society as a whole. Because some of the negative consequences are the exploitation of others for personal gain and mental health issues. For example, pressure for the optics to look right (or a constant pursuit of a perfect image). However, for yeyebrities, a pursuit of clout is normal business. No matter how ethically questionable those means may be. In a way, clout-farming techniques make sense though because that’s what thepersonal brand is about.