SampleScience: 808 bass revolution and Sky Piano released

SampleScience, a company that makes digital instruments, just launched two new products i.e., 808 Bass Revolution and Sky Piano.

808 Bass Revolution

808 Bass Revolution is a set of 808 bass sounds. It works well for many music styles like rap, pop, EDM, and trap. The product has special tools to change the sound shape and make it unique. It also has built-in effects and options to change how much distortion there is. This helps users control the sound completely. The 808 Bass Revolution works with both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS computers. It comes in different formats like VST, VST3, and AU, so it can be used with most music production software.

Sky Piano

Sky Piano is a carefully recorded grand piano. It uses a special microphone to get the best sound. You can add delay and reverberation effects to make it sound more ambient. It also has distortion and chorus effects that work with a multi-LFO, making it easy to create gentle, low-fi piano sounds.