Stay tuned for “Mbira dzakondo” by Tanto Wavie

Tanto Wavie a Zim hip-hop artist and a proud founder of TrapSu—wey gobament niem na Shingirai Makaza—took to Twitter to announce his upcoming record single “Mbiradzakondo” which he is excited to release on the 18th of November this Friday.

But I am a little bit not sure if this is a good strategic release date for Shingirai because, on the very same day, U.S. hip-hop artist Rick Ross will be touching down in the teapot-shaped country thus in some way eclipsing all this hype he has been building for himself.

What more to expect from Tanto Wavie?

Earlier in October, Shingirai has been constantly teasing his LP Sungura Museve II on social media, and perhaps if we are lucky he might also drop a surprise track in the upcoming weeks.

Shingirai Makaza, Tanto Wavie - Sungura Museve II (album artwork)