Winky D is set to release a new album on New Year’s Eve

Zimdancehall‘s musical landscape is rife with passing fads and upbeat bubblegum riddims that are often hot for a month or so. Some become a lost cause within a fortnight (moto wemapepa).

It’s often exacerbated by a desperate relevancy race at the expense of one’s legacy without taking strategic breaks to build up suspense.

In contrast, when Zimdancehall’s living legends like Winky D di big man (legal name Wallace Chirumiko) make an album announcement the people’s anticipation all over the kantri and on sosho media speaks for itself.

Zimdancehall legend Wallace Chirumiko (Winky D) to release new album

The daansaal LP is on the way

Winky D has demonstrated time and time again that he hath mastered this game. He is a trailblazing act Zim music fans are already used to never witnessing him playing many support shows. Thus, if he is booked or scheduled to perform he is nine times out of ten a headliner.

And in a couple of weeks, Wallace will be launching his new studio album on the 31st of December this year. This event will take place at HICC (Harare International Conference Center or Rainbow Towers). The same venue that was blessed with Rick Ross’ live performance a few weeks ago in November.

Meanwhile, in other Zimdancehall news, Levels (Tafadzwa Kadzimwe) of mangoma depot (Chillspot Records) appeared in court today. The judge granted the record producer 22$ USD bail. Tafadzwa is being charged with violating Shashl‘s privacy and bringing her reputation to shame. This comes after a musvo audiovisual material was published on the world wide web.

If Levels loses this case the future of Chillspot Records is uncertain because he is the main in-house beatmaker for that stable thereof. Chillspot’s clean image will be a thing of the past but I am in no way saying their run will be over. However, if he is acquitted I can envision certain industry peeps distancing themselves from Shashl. Her brand will be deemed risky to work with by some Zimbaz. You know showbiz politics and stuff.


Finally and for speculation purposes, recently an image circulated of the Zimdaansaal music icon Di Big Man standing alongside Zim hip-hop artist Holy Ten. Including fellow Zimdancehall recording artists Nutty O, Enzo Ishall, and Killer T. I am pretty sure they are probably going to be performing just before gaffa takes the center stage at HICC.