Kathleen Mary Griffin was suspended on Twitter suoshal miidia

U.S. comedian Kathleen Mary Griffin’s Twitter account was suspended yesterday Sunday (the 6th of November) following a warning from the social network‘s new owner — Elon Reeve Musk — that users should adapt to new changes as they are meant to improve the quality of the service and protect the interests of all stakeholders e.g., advertisers, celebrity brands and etc.

One of these changes means that all impersonator accounts that lack the “parody” label on their Twitter display names will be permanently banned from the suoshal miidia platform. Another major upcoming update is called “Twitter Blue” i.e., a subscription service paid per month that allows users to also verify their accounts. And after you’ve paid your subscription you receive a “blue tick” or a “verified badge” which used to be a status symbol — only exclusive to celebrities and not the masses like some of us.

Q: What was Kathy Griffin banned for?

She was de-platformed on Twitter for changing her profile’s name to “Elon Musk“, which violated the microblogging platform’s brand-new policy. However, she is not the only one who was banned; there are also numerous accounts that have been bushed for trolling by changing their display names to “Elon Musk”. I guess at this rate a lot of brehs and brehettes are surely going to be bushed indefinitely and migrate to other social networks.

Kathleen Mary Griffin account suspended on Twitter, Inc. suoshal miida