Shadaya Knight has launched a podcast series

As more and more local creative entrepreneurs seek to turn extra coins from being beer money into long-term lucrative investments. The number of Zim podcasters in a nascent market seems to be growing unabated—thanks to YouTube‘s partner program. And recently yours truly Shadaya Knight has joined the bandwagon; the same route of minimum effort for maximum effect.

N.B. Recent history shows Shadaya Knight—who has amassed over 80k followers on sosho media—is likewise an internet personality and digital content creator who doesn’t need much of an introduction. His main productions focus on relationships (mjolo) and commentary on Zim celebrity gossip news. His hustle also extends into advising young lads to become men as he expagorates to them about things like avoiding common economic pitfalls e.g., living beyond your means of income.

However, the tall fella is no short of controversy. Shadaya is indisputably an archetype objective hater if you will. He has had beef with several Zim public figures such as Olinda Chapel-Nkomo, Desmond Chideme, Kikky Badass, El Gringo and etc. He also had a whole lot to say about Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa’s pregnancy announcement earlier this year in March.

On a positive note, I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a new path to redeem himself with the masses through the means of reputation laundering with his channel. Or worse still, if his new podcast leads him down the old familiar roads and it turns out to be littered with dozens of fault-finding episodes. Well, if the latter becomes the case the writing is clearly on the wall. He will certainly encounter issues staying loyal to his core manosphere audience, hanty?

I suppose the need to simultaneously please the aforementioned cohort whilst trying to maintain a good level of brand safety for running ads on YouTube will in time prove to be rather challenging. Unless he doesn’t care of course.

You know what? I think I have said enough already. Only time will tell about his content strategy including anything else he has in store. And before I go, below I have embedded one of his videos. It’s bye for now, take care! I will holla at y’all later. It’s been a pleasure.