Taylor Alison Swift’s “Midnights” studio album breaks records

Quite frankly, it was heavily anticipated U.S. pop star Taylor Alison Swift would easily reach the top of the charts with her new music and rack up millions of listens on DSPs (digital streaming platforms). But I guess no one imagined that the success of her latest long-playing project Midnights would be so massive.

In fact, her tenth studio album, led by the megahit “Anti-Hero”, occupied all the top ten positions on the Billboard Hot 100; that’s something no recording artist in history has ever done before.

And in the first week after the release of her new body of work, Taylor Swift enjoyed very impressive numbers. It started with her domination of the music streaming service Spotify, where the famous American singer broke the record for most listens in a single day i.e., surpassing the previous record held by Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny with 183 million streams. She also had huge success on Apple, Inc. Music, where she would break the same record effortlessly without breaking a sweat.